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Tekla empowers structural drafters and engineers with 3D modeling, 2D drawings, and building information access. Renowned for steel detailing expertise, it creates precise shop drawings for steel fabrication, ensuring construction-ready models for streamlined fabrication and construction processes.
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2D Drawing

Tekla's 2D Drawing solution translates structural designs into detailed visual representations. This feature aids in effective communication, specifying dimensions, and providing comprehensive documentation for construction projects.

3D Imaging

Experience a vivid representation of structural designs with Tekla's 3D Imaging. This powerful tool facilitates visualizing the final product, identifying clashes, and effectively communicating design intent to clients and stakeholders in construction projects.

BIM Modeling

Tekla's BIM Modeling integrates seamlessly into construction processes. This solution ensures efficient construction management and project coordination by providing a comprehensive and collaborative platform for creating, managing, and sharing detailed building information models.

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Precision Detailing

Tekla excels in precision steel detailing, offering unparalleled expertise in creating detailed shop drawings. Ideal for structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication, it ensures accuracy in construction projects.

Efficient BIM Integration

With seamless BIM integration, Tekla becomes an essential tool for effective construction management and project coordination. It streamlines processes, enhances collaboration, and provides comprehensive building information models.

Construction-Ready Models

Tekla is designed to generate construction-ready models, streamlining fabrication and construction processes. This benefit proves valuable for clients in the construction industry, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in project execution.

Visualized PEB Structures

Tekla's ability to create detailed 3D models of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) structures enhances project visualization. Identify clashes, communicate design intent effectively, and ensure client satisfaction in construction projects.

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