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BIM Services revolutionizes steel detailing by creating intricate 3D models with precise structural details. Ideal for structural engineering, it organizes facility information in a comprehensive model, facilitating collaboration, coordination, and advanced project insights.
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3D Model Creation

BIM Services excels in producing detailed 3D models with precision, incorporating intricate details of steel columns, beams, and essential structural components. This ensures accurate representation during the design and construction phases.

Detailed Drawings and Models

Our BIM Services go beyond traditional CAD methods, creating detailed drawings and models for construction. This includes structural elements like connections, joints, and reinforcements, enhancing clarity and communication for stakeholders.

Comprehensive Facility Information

BIM Services organize all facility-related information in a unified, application-independent model. This intelligent digital representation supports collaboration, coordination, and advanced insights, optimizing the design and construction process from concept to operation.

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Unified Information

BIM Services consolidate facility information into a single, application-independent model, promoting seamless collaboration among stakeholders. This unified approach enhances efficiency and clarity throughout the project lifecycle.

Real-time Collaboration

: Foster collaboration with a shared "working model" distributed among all parties. BIM Services enable real-time interaction, facilitating coordination, reducing errors, and ensuring a synchronized construction process for optimal project outcomes.

Enhanced Coordination

BIM Services go beyond 3D modeling, providing augmented BIM models with dimensions in time, cost, and project life-cycle information. This comprehensive approach effectively enhances coordination, streamlining design, construction, and operational phases.

Holistic Technology Leveraging

BIM Services empower design and construction teams to leverage their technology investment extensively. Beyond traditional CAD processes, BIM adds value by integrating multi-disciplinary data, optimizing communication, and providing advanced project insights for informed decision-making.

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