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Welcome to Solid Design and Detail, where innovation meets precision in the world of 3D modeling and design. With over two decades of expertise, we excel in creating meticulous drawings for a wide variety of projects, spanning marine, aerospace, and structural industries.
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Collin Foster at Trimet Bike stop

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Launched by our owner Collin Foster in 2016, a seasoned structural and commercial steel detailer, mechanical designer, and CAD expert, and led by Samantha Jacobs, Director of Sales and Development, our team drives growth and innovation. Samantha's strategic initiatives include spearheading website optimization for enhanced online visibility, implementing lead capture strategies, and developing a secure server environment for military contracts, ensuring data security and integrity. With remote access capabilities, we empower our team to work securely from any location, embodying our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

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“We pride ourselves on comprehensive modeling, guaranteeing geometric accuracy, tolerancing, and seamless project execution.”
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What our clients say

Brian Lambiaso

The Lynch Company

“Solid Design and Detail has been great to work with. Always quick with a quoted price for upcoming projects. With Solid Design and Detail providing shops on the project, I know it’s one less thing to worry about.”

Robert Jeffery

Vigor Industrial

“Collin’s work is fast, accurate and detail oriented. This, combined with his expertise in Solidworks, makes him a resource that I will go back to time and time again.”

Brent Palmer

Transco Industries

“Solid Design and Detail is our go to firm when it comes to modeling in conjunction with creation of shop drawings. Collin is knowledgeable, experienced, and easy to work with.”