Norway buying specialized Combatant Craft Medium from the US

April 26, 2024
Defense Brief Editorial

Norway will be receiving two Combatant Craft Medium (CCM) Mk1 vessels from ReconCraft LLC under a Pentagon contract awarded to the boat builder earlier this week.

Anchorage-based shipbuilder ReconCraft LLC has received contract worth $22 million for the delivery of the two CCMs. The contract also includes options that, if exercised, could potentially increase the total value of the contract to $30.9 million.

ReconCraft has disclosed that the contracted work for the two CCM destined for Norway will be carried out in Clackamas, Oregon, with an estimated completion date of August 2025. In the event that all options are exercised, the project will extend until January 2026.

The funding will be sourced from Foreign Military Financing (Norway) and will remain available beyond the fiscal year deadline, ensuring the progress of the operation.

The CCM is already utilized by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), specifically the US Navy SEALs.

CCM possesses a multitude of capabilities to support military forces in low to medium-threat environments. Its primary function involves the insertion and extraction of soldiers, while it also offers limited fire support, conducts maritime interdiction, executes visit board search and seizure missions, and contributes to counterterrorism and foreign internal defense operations.

The CCM features a durable double aluminum hull, powered by two diesel engines, and offers both an enclosed cabin and an open rear deck. While not suitable for airdropping, it can be transported via C-17A Globemaster III aircraft and deployed from large surface vessels such as San Antonio-class LPDs and Wasp-class LHDs.

The craft offers mounting provisions on the rear deck for a range of weapon systems, including M2 .50 machine guns, M240 7.62mm belt-fed machine guns, and MK19 40mm grenade launchers. Additionally, a remote weapon system with a .50 caliber machine gun can be installed on the bow.

The CCM has a crew capacity of 4 members and it spans a length of 60 feet and has a payload capacity of 7,750 pounds. With a maximum speed exceeding 50 knots, it can cover a range of 400 nautical miles.

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